Kenley College provides practical, principles-based, leadership training and strategy for new & aspiring politicians through:

accredited short programmes, training and assessments, strategy, and leadership coaching.

We are a non-traditional, consultancy-styled leadership development organisation. Our courses and services are delivered online with in person options available for individuals, political parties, government and other organisations


Kenley College’s programs are accredited by the CPD Certification Service in the UK. This is accepted by 1200 professional bodies in the UK. The CPD Certification Service accreditation is also recognised and respected worldwide.

You can therefore be assured that our offerings meet the standards of excellence set out by The CPD Certification Service.

Our Facilitators

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung, our President and Political Leadership Strategist provides most the core training for the accredited courses.

We also benefit from guest presenters and facilitators who bring their knowledge and experience from working in the government and political arena, private sector, NGOs and non-profits.

The Journey

Before the establishment of Kenley College, we were already training, coaching and mentoring leaders at different stages of their political, professional and business careers.

Younger leaders tended to be seen as leaders who would eventually emerge in the future. Yet, there were some emerging leaders who were starting in significant leadership roles very early on, but weren’t being properly prepared for that responsibility and decision making involved, especially since they did not gently advance through the leadership ranks. We wanted a means to provide further guidance to those who had already started out, but also support those young politicians who were aspiring to make their mark on the political scene and bring about effective change in their nations, cities and communities.

Our Core Values

Our core values of purposefulness, justice, respect & care, and collaboration form the culture of Kenley College.

Purposefulness :
People have the ability to become self-directed and show initiative when they follow their dreams. We are united under a common vision that motivates us to do our best.

Collaboration :
We want to create and maintain good relationships. We believe that teamwork is essential to achieving great things. When we establish partnerships with other entities we are always looking for ways to ensure they can be mutually rewarding.

Respect and Care :
Everyone deserves respect and needs to be cared for. Our employees are sensitive to the needs of others. We are a caring community and in our community everyone has a chance to be listened to.

A world without leaders

Imagine a world where the leaders don’t know why they exist and they have no clear vision for their lives, businesses, or nations. That would be a pretty scary world to live in.

Yet, most leaders who enter the world of politics have no idea of their purpose or a vision for their lives or countries. Even years later, many have given no significant thought to this. Therefore, the scary future for our nations could be a reality.

Unless.. there is another possibility.
We would rather imagine a world where the leaders and business owners knew the problems they were born to solve. They had workable solutions and innovative ideas. There would be positive transformation in the various sectors. The future would be something to look forward to. It would even challenge the limitations of the present. At Kenley College, we see our purpose as being to develop great world leaders, because we want the future in safe hands.

Meet the President

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung is a Political Leadership Strategist, published author, and the President and Co-Founder of Kenley College, a consultancy-styled college offering leadership training and strategy for new and aspiring politicians. She has served on government and international lending agency boards and also provides leadership mentoring for women in politics.. She has developed multi-sectoral strategies and solutions that have influenced national and international transformation and development. Dr. Chung has helped to establish, or advise on the establishment of, businesses based in the UK, North America, and the Caribbean..

The Founders

Lance and Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung are the co-founders of Kenley College. They both come from government, political and business backgrounds..

Read more about them on their speaker profiles..

*The seven key sectors are Family, Business/Economy Government/Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Education and Religion.

Government & Politics

Sometimes your political pursuits takes place incrementally.

At other times crises or other circumstances and opportunities force more timely transformation that propels you into the national and international spotlight.

We help you prepare for all the possibilities.

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