Do you want to tap into The REAL leadership skills needed to succeed in politics?

  • Still Hoping That You Will Become A Well Respected Leader In Politics?
  • Absolutely Tired of Seeing The Need for Change in the Political Landscape of Your Country, But Not Sure How to Initiate That Change?
  • Ready to be a resilient, principled and effective leader?
Join Dr. Lisa Anne Chung oung Politicians

Join Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung for the Aspiring

Politicians Leadership Programme

A 6-Week On-Demand Leadership Mini Training and Coaching Programme to Help You Achieve Leadership Mastery And Make Effective Decisions.

  • Every practical training programme on politics, talks about the technical stuff - how to run for office, how to campaign, how to get elected…Even when they call it a “political leadership” programme…
  • But who coaches you through the core leadership secrets that matter before you get into politics and even moreso when you’re already in that position of power and influence?

That’s why the Aspiring Politicians Leadership Programme is so timely for you.

What You Get With The Programme

  • Weekly mini training and coaching sessions

  • Access to the private membership site

  • Coaching workbook and exercises to use alongside the weekly sessions

Meet Your Coach and Mentor:

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung, Political Leadership Strategist

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung is a Political Leadership Strategist, published author, and the President and Co-Founder of Kenley College, offering leadership training and strategy for new and aspiring politicians. She has served on government and international lending agency boards and also provides leadership mentoring for women in politics. In addition to her work within the government and political arena, Dr. Chung has also trained and coached leaders from business, education and non-profit sectors.

The cost for this 6-week programme is only: £277

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