Kenley College assessments can be used by:

  • * Political organisations to evaluate different (prospective) candidates before putting them forward to represent a party/cause;
  • * Non-political organisations to assess leadership talent
  • * Individuals looking to assess and develop their political and/or leadership skills
  • * Individuals looking to determine their best career choice

Kenley College assessment packages include a feedback session and can be easily paired with optional coaching or strategy sessions.

Leadership Potential

Readiness to stand for office or serve behind-the-scenes to get the job done. Sometimes young politicians who wish to serve behind the scenes are more actively engaged than those on the frontlines.


Whether it is finding out if politics is right for you or a general discovery of your ideal career (purpose), this assessment process can help you make the right decision regarding the path to take.


The good, the bad, and the ‘dark side’ packaged as you. Knowing how these different factors can impact your approach to politics and how you will serve is a good way to learn more about yourself. This process can even help you to improve so that you can be the best version of you.

Thinking Style

Great for discovering your level of strategic thinking; potential for handling complex information; and making difficult political decisions.

Behavioural Style

Your natural tendencies in working with others- whether they are members of your political organisation or are those you will serve; initiating actions; delivering results; how you react when faced with challenging people; and the way in which you adapt and respond to other challenges and change – all necessary for anyone who is serious about their political future.

Political Leanings

Even when you know that you want to serve, finding the party that is right for you is critical to ensuring that your values and what matters most for you will align with the right political group. This will avoid frustration for you and those you will serve alongside.

Customised Assessments

If there are specific factors that you wish to be measured for yourself or a group of candidates, we can work with you to develop a custom assessment for your specific needs.

Contact Us to outline your needs and request more information about our assessment packages.

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