When Do You Need A Political Leadership Coach?

  • You want to go to the next level in politics and need to prepare mentally, emotionally, and otherwise.
  • You want someone to challenge you the right way to be a better leader
  • You can’t find anyone in your inner circle to provide the kind of help a political leadership coach can
  • You’re thinking of running for office
  • You were recently elected/appointed to a political leadership position
  • You are struggling with the balance between your personal and political commitments.

How Our Coaching Can Help You

Develop your personal leadership

Develop your personal leadership

Coaching relationship

Provide a confidential coaching relationship where you can freely address your concerns

Discover new ways of thinking

Discover new ways of thinking and addressing difficult situations and people

Coaching relationship

Other areas you may be stuck as a leader

Benefits of Kenley College Coaching Services

  • Confidentiality
  • Community
  • You will be challenged
  • You get a point of accountability
  • Independent and objective coaching experience
  • We’re sensitive to your leadership role and responsibilities
  • whether you are a candidate, elected/appointed official,
  • or just thinking of getting into politics.

*For those who desire long-term coaching on a scheduled regular basis, this can be arranged. Please note that this will be specific to coaching and will not be suitable if you need counselling support.

Coaching Packages
3 sessions - £225 - £225
6 sessions - £445 - £445
12 sessions* -£897 - £897
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