Coaching, Strategy & Assessment Packages

Even though Kenley College is very much focused on developing new and aspiring politicians, we also offer various package options for those who are not interested in politics but still want to benefit from some of our services such as leadership coaching, strategy, and assessments.

Choose the route below that best suits your aspirations.

Coaching Packages

The coaching packages are designed for those who want 1:1 leadership coaching support.

Help you build confidence in executing your vision

Work on areas in need of personal and leadership development

Challenge and keep you accountable to achieving your key leadership goals

*For those who desire long-term coaching on a scheduled regular basis, this can be arranged. Please note that this will be specific to coaching and will not be suitable if you need counselling support.

Coaching Packages
3 sessions - $297 - $297
6 sessions - $570 - $570
12 sessions* -$1080 - $1080

Strategy Packages

When you are clear on your vision, sometimes the next steps are the hardest. Before you get into developing any detailed plans, you need to have a strategy in place that aligns with your vision. This may be for your overall vision, or one specific to taking on a key project.

Strategy Packages*
1 session - $150 - $150
3 sessions - $425 - $425

Assessment Packages

Assessments can help you learn about how you are wired, your key strengths, abilities, personality and leadership style.  These factors can be critical to things such as vision execution, working with teams, areas where you need further development, or determining what you need to delegate to others.

All our assessment packages include:

  • Assessment(s)
  • Reports of your results
  • 45 minute feedback session. The feedback session is not a coaching session, but designed to help you understand the results of your assessment and what that means for you.

Personality Package

We use different standardised assessments to measure various factors of your normal everyday personality and also what happens when your personality is put under pressure (i.e. when you are stressed)


Career/Purpose Package

an objective assessment process for individuals from age 15+ addressing your aptitude, interests and aspirations so that you can make the right career decision.


Leadership Potential & Style Package

how well you manage as a leader, and your preferred style of leading


Coaching Add-Ons for the Assessment Packages

3 sessions +$285

6 sessions +$550

NB: If you are looking for assessments for selection and recruitment purposes, or for groups/organisations please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

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