When you are looking for speakers to challenge, equip and inspire your audience with practical, actionable principles and strategies for leadership be it in the political, public or private sector, that’s when you need to hire us to speak.

We bring a refreshingly different take on political and leadership talks.

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Our Speakers

Lance Chung

Lance Chung, serves as Co-Founder and one of the Directors for Kenley College. He also hails from a rich family history in the political arena. Lance advises and coaches leaders in business and politics. He also mentored many young leaders prior to the decision to step out into the vision of starting a non-traditional leadership college specialising in preparing new and aspiring politicians to positively transform their nations.

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung

Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung is a Political Leadership Strategist and published author. Her involvement in politics began as a teenager, coordinating college student elections. Politics is in her DNA, having inherited a rich government and political family legacy. Dr. Chung has also trained and coached leaders from business, education and non-profit sectors. For more information about Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung, please visit our Meet the President page here

Together Lance and Dr, Lisa-Anne Chung are reshaping the face of political leadership training.

If you would like Lance and Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung to speak to your organization, group or event, please provide the details of your event and our Admin team will get back with you to discuss how we can help.

What our audiences have had to say

“I love how Dr. Lisa-Anne Chung delivers her content in such a simple and relatable way. She connects with her audience and inspires them to self-reflect on what's possible and their potential. Her genuine and authentic message lands exactly where you need it to. When she’s through, the leader in you will be ready to take next steps in getting unstuck and to step fully into what you are called to do. I can't wait for my strategy session so that I can live in more flow and ease in my own unique but impactful way.”

-Sharonda Michell, Personal Coach, USA

“Your teaching was incredible. Everyone loved it!!!…We began referencing ‘Ability Vs. Capacity’ for the rest of the day and evening. You gave me much to think about!”

-Daija Hinojosa, Political Campaign Manager, USA

“As an individual with little knowledge or background in politics, I was absolutely amazed at just how powerful the interactive workshop was. I was engaged throughout by the passion delivered… It got me thinking of my power of influence and position as a leader and within the political climate. This motivation delivered in the workshop has made a huge impact on my vision of politics and I would without a doubt recommend this to anyone.”

-Brandon Campbell, UK

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